Saleshub Mailbox

Saleshub mailbox once setup in your account will apply for all users. No action is required from your end.

We will send from the email as your user login has...

It is easy to setup as a new user all you need to do is to go to on far left you see this:

If the option is not available it means you clicked once and need to go to to start the installation

You will need to install the 3 CNAME records inside your domain name DNS to verify you are the owner and enable us to send from your email address. Last part us the MX records set it as value 10 and once you click verify due to MX need to propregate globally it can take 1-2 hours typically before it is verified.... once that is done go back to click on your mailbox and hit the button ENABLE mailbox.

You are now ready to go we will handle all outbound emails and replies will come back into your mailbox...