Google Suite / Gmail / Google for Business Email Setup

As we are pending the one click installation update from Google you can alternatively set it up manually. Please go to to setup.

Click Other (Imap/smtp)

Step 1: Open a new tab and log into your gmail account

Step 2: go to and give permission to less secure apps

Step 3: Only if you have if you have 2 Step Verification turned on

Step 4: check your google account has IMAP turned on (required)

Settings to use:

Your email is username and your password is same for email

Step 5: Make sure to unlock Captha new thing from google

IMAP Incoming mail
Port: 993 (This is needed as it enforced SSL)

SMTP Outgoing mail
Require TLS: Yes (in the bottom)
Port: 587

If you installed it correct you can check here

You should see two green Sending and Suncing statutes